Tik Tok Survival Training..........................................................................😲

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 ShortHax +15

Stop making fun of Dale, he's an expert, he trained all the Looney Tunes characters

21 dag geleden
jakethesnakelover +4

This guy is a genius because all his clients who fail after the training can’t leave negative reviews because they’re dead…

14 dagen geleden

I lowkey want to go to survival training

21 dag geleden
ElectroGamingRepublic +697

That dude is actually such a nice guy,

Dag geleden

Gun: literally built to fit into your hands

21 dag geleden
Karel +666

I know that it's basically impossible but imagine a Follow-up video where Felix & Ken go to self-defence training

21 dag geleden
Purplepentapus157 +18

I appreciate that Felix doesn't just collaborate with whoever is trending or the biggest on the platform at the time, and instead he keeps collabing with Ken because they're actually good friends and have fun making videos together

21 dag geleden
W.D. Dragneel +147
W.D. Dragneel

"The hand is not meant to hold things very well." Is definitely one of my favorite quotes of this year.

21 dag geleden
Sensei Seth +605
Sensei Seth

Man it’s quite enjoyable to see you guys DEEP in the martial arts trash universe lmao

21 dag geleden
John Louie Lalaguna +209
John Louie Lalaguna

pewds: his chakra is so strong

21 dag geleden
Lucho Lavalle +260
Lucho Lavalle

I'm a martial artist. Even though it's funny to watch these clowns, what they're doing is incredibly dangerous as some people think real life works this way and they'll get killed. I'd love to watch a demonstration of these guys fighting a real agressive opponent who knows what they're doing. They would get mauled in camera.

21 dag geleden
Friivolous +107

As someone who has fired some guns in the past, it's actually pretty difficult to hit an exact spot in distance even when you are calm. If the target is very close to you let's say around 7-8m you will most likely be able to hit very close to it or if you are experienced even 100% on point. But if you are at let's say 20m-30m it's practically ver very difficult to hit the target with a pistol since (based on physics) a very very very minor movement of the pistol (ex breathing) causes a considerable negative from the target. Even worse when you are under stress (ex police during the duty etc etc.) But that's a whole other story. Love your videos Pewds and Ken🥰

21 dag geleden
hard2hurt +5

Ken has some pretty astute self defense observations. Is he an ex-commando or something?

21 dag geleden
IzzyIsntReal +387

Most of the stuff this guy shows is technically ‘true’ but completely irrational to even think about trying.

21 dag geleden
OwO +281

Its funny watching Ken, a guy with cat ear headphones, talk about guns and how to use them

21 dag geleden
Andrew +60

Little do Felix and Ken know, by watching these videos and picking them apart, they're actually possibly saving someone's life. Those videos are obviously not realistic, and since felix has a huge audience, he has the power to unknowingly save lives without trying which is an interesting thought. But don't listen to me, I have the rona.

21 dag geleden
Dam +1

love how Pewds keeps showing Ken weird stuff and he always tries to enjoy them.

21 dag geleden
150 sbs challenge with out any video +1
150 sbs challenge with out any video

'''I respect everyone who were involved in this Seriously the best piece that's I have ever seen on YouTube. HATS OFF TO YOU ALL....YOUR VIDEO🧡❤.

2 uur geleden
Maqsood Hashmi +2
Maqsood Hashmi

Ken’s camera quality makes it look like Felix is the guest

21 dag geleden
Collin Anderson +67
Collin Anderson

I appreciate that Felix is still not burnt out after all these years.

21 dag geleden


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