every fitness celebrity influencer is lying to you..

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Noel Deyzel +84
Noel Deyzel

Thank you so much for sharing my message and for speaking on this topic🙌🏼For the vast majority of people they don’t know that these celebrities are lying. THANK YOU PEWDIEPIE!!!🙏🏼

14 dagen geleden
AkioMationXD +1

We miss you Felix!! Hope everything is going good in your life, looking forward to your next upload!! Brofist 👊

16 uur geleden
Dash +1

Pewds will come back guys, don’t worry, he wouldn’t leave us without saying anything. ❤️

12 uur geleden
Dabo Life +1
Dabo Life

Bro, come back. My days are worse when I don't see your new videos.

12 uur geleden
felipe gameplay 01 +350
felipe gameplay 01

love how this channel grew. ive been here since the amnesia days. ive managed to became a doctor since i started following pewdiepie and i can honestly say that im proud of pewds and what he made of this platform. stay true, stay healthy <3

19 uur geleden
XELEX +621

"Don't compare yourself to these people because they're probably lying to you anyway". Wise words from a wise man.

7 uur geleden
Greg Doucette +15
Greg Doucette

Great to see a callout from a guy with such a massive audience.

14 dagen geleden
Dash +214

111M Subscribers, What a number! Thanks pewds for the entertainment.

16 uur geleden
Esajas11 +663

Guys, he's on January break. He usually takes January off and doesn't upload any videos but streams since it's more relaxing.

19 uur geleden
LouisDeLion +132

I can't believe that companies force the actors to keep quiet about using steroids to better their physique. I really like how you have good opinions about this subject and that you are opening people's eyes to the fact that this is an unhealthy way to workout as you are basically lying to yourself about how much muscle you are actually gaining.

7 uur geleden
dark +3

I love how his voice is so fricking deep, but his personality is a whole different level ,from sounding mean and rude,to actually being sweet and nice❤️❤️

8 uur geleden
Ryzxxx +5

We miss you Felix!! Hope everything is going good in your life, looking forward to your next upload!! Brofist

5 uur geleden
Back Guy +14
Back Guy

Most who have trained naturally for many years see through the fitness celebrity lies, but for "unfit" people looking in, they can't tell and it can really mess with some people mentally. Glad Felix is talking about problems like these as this particular topic has been in discussion within the fitness industry for a while, but doesn't easily reach the more mainstream audience

14 dagen geleden
Forsyth +83

Glad you decided to make a video on this. It’s mind blowing how many people are unaware of those who aren’t transparent about their steroid use. An audience like you have, primarily outside of the fitness industry, needed to hear this and hopefully this continues to spread awareness to prevent the false perception and lack of motivation from these unattainable physiques

Dag geleden
sakura heartfilia +187
sakura heartfilia

The eye of the public is terrifying so I understand why they could be scared of saying it.

Dag geleden
Loddi A. +50
Loddi A.

Same with female influencers… they get sponsored for having (what they claim) natural bodies … nope just plastic surgery!

7 uur geleden
Evie +200

As a girl watching this, it’s kind of concerning seeing the large disproportion between talking about women and men’s beauty standards. This is the first video that I’ve ever seen discussing social media’s influence on men’s body image and self esteem. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discrediting women’s experiences, but we should strive to be more inclusive. Hope to see more people having conversations like these in the future.

4 uur geleden
Blocktane +7

Hope you are doing well pewds, take your time and have an amazing and safe break (with all the covid spread its crazy) no matter what your doing ❤

9 uur geleden
Karolina Żebrowska +10
Karolina Żebrowska

This is basically the equivalent of female celebrities denying the smallest of procedures over and over. I hate how when anybody points this out, they get immediately shut down by the fans going “Ok but it’s their body so why are you pressed? They don’t have to talk about it” Well, if they affect their audience’s body image AND make money off lying, then obviously it’s a problem

14 dagen geleden
x LatinAssazzin +41
x LatinAssazzin

Let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us!

12 uur geleden