They figured out atoms existed thousands of years ago but we are still depressed lmao🙌 BOOK REVIEW 🙌

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PewDiePie +12

"Actually the xyv came up with the atom before."

CinnamonToastKen +2

Show me how to be happy pls.

Bimberly Bimothy +1
Bimberly Bimothy

Love these kind of “deep talk” videos. They make me think and they’re so chill and laid back. And it’s just nice to see pewds share his insights and interests. ♥️

Cryptally +292

Ngl, Pewds could make a podcast out of explaining certain things in history, or beliefs of different cultures etc.

Zachariah Hansen +173
Zachariah Hansen

I love this type of videos! They really help me out

배로러 +314

This just makes pewds look so good. Some of my friends think he just makes stupid videos then BAM. He hits you with one of these that opens perspectives and gets you thinking.

Nat +417

Me: a greek person currently studying Physics with philosophy at university: ur welcome Felix

Ellbat +4

I really love these videos, they're informational without being overly complicated; thanks so much :)

Kalvin +50

I actually prefer watching these vids than the usual ones. I think it's good that you're using your reach to spread some wisdom.

Joshua +47

I've been watching pewdiepie since 2014-2015 and I stopped for almost a year now. It felt good to be back. I just wanted to say thank you for making my childhood awesome.

igneous +22

"you shouldn't fear death because you won't exist when it arrives" me not existing is the part of death i fear.

Steve Nye +70
Steve Nye

Pewds is recommending Hellenistic philosophers at the right time, especially those who were responding to the decline of the polis. Epicurus is the closest philosophy gets to self-help, and could be the exact right book for some people dealing with the heightened anxieties of the moment.

Just Alonzo +64
Just Alonzo

Having dealt with anxiety and depression most of my life, and hearing someone talk about a different facet of it through philosophy and science is really cool. I take your shared knowledge in stride pewds. It’s awesome to have watched this channel change and grow. And these kind of videos don’t go unappreciated. That’s for sure.

Christian Guest +9
Christian Guest

I love these kinds of videos his “hey let’s talk about things” stuff is great. The book reviews the ideology philosophy stuff it’s nice to have them

forget me not +18
forget me not

As someone who’s been dealing with obsessive thoughts relating to my fear of dying for years, I see what these philosophers are trying to say when they argue that I won’t be aware of the fact that I’ve died when the time comes.

Akwon408 +49

I am legitimately curious about that book now. I suffer from "depression," and the passage you read is how I see death. Many think that I am suicidal, but no. I welcome death, it's a part of life, if it happens it happens. We shouldn't worry about it now nor the future. Definitely a picking up this book.

n0t_her_sist3r +44

I love Felix's philosophy vids! I want more!!

Muhammad Awais Rehman +12
Muhammad Awais Rehman

It feels good to know that the godfather of youtube uses his brain lol, most people don't. It feels good to see you talk about stuff reasonably and in an understanding manner. More intellect to you!

KC Rijk +9
KC Rijk

Damn I feel like I'm getting old, we grew up watching his gaming video's. Now we are enjoying his philosophy.

Dash +5

Pewds is out here answering the questions we didn’t even ask yet. Respect 💪 💪


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