READING MEAN COMMENTS. - (Fridays With PewDiePie - Part 78)

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    Fridays with Poodiepie.. SORRY I MEAN Fridays With Pewds!
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CreepsMcPasta +3

Can I just say your comment review section is pure comedy gold. X'D

7 jaar geleden
Monique Pene +715
Monique Pene

i miss 2012-2015 pewds😢

2 jaar geleden
VhS +1

I like new Pewdiepie more he is savage af

3 jaar geleden
JTG_ Steel +2
JTG_ Steel

2016 : my names Peeewwwdieepiieee

2 jaar geleden
KuwakaNey +386

Old Pewdiepie was the best thing ever, he really helped me in my life and kept me happy when times got tough, and that is why he will always be the best YouTuber in my heart, and I’m not saying new Pewds is bad, but not as good as old one, I probably think that because of all the nostalgia

3 jaar geleden
Mari Gentillini +1
Mari Gentillini

Day 6 without Pewdiepie:

Jaar geleden
Cherry Wallis +1
Cherry Wallis

Oh my god, I've not laughed this much in a long time, brilliant. I will forever call you poodiepie. 

7 jaar geleden
Marlyqxi +117

♡♡♡ you for what you do and who you are. Don't let the mean comments bring you down ever even to this day. Stay awesome :3

4 jaar geleden
Simon Lauterbach +34
Simon Lauterbach

"All zero of them", the most savage comeback pewds has ever done

sophia xo +1
sophia xo


2 jaar geleden
Arisdiana Amran +185
Arisdiana Amran

I don't understand why the haters say that you are not funny?...tbh you are really funny

3 jaar geleden
LeuIIa +1

There’s this thing called jealousy

2 jaar geleden
LittleMissy SweetIcecreamCake +3
LittleMissy SweetIcecreamCake

I hate people who tell pewdiepie to kill himself. he literally humiliates himself just to make us laugh. so pews thank you

4 jaar geleden
Photon +48


3 jaar geleden
비티에스 +36

Usually, hate comments can be mean and rude because they don't have a life to go on. But hey! Look at the brighter side, all the bros out there will always love you, Felix. We know nothing about you about your actual life, struggles and problems. Still, there are haters who hate you without knowing you. Know that we all love you, your video and most importantly your amazing and bright personality 😊😊😄😄

3 jaar geleden
Piper +576

2014- bro army

2 jaar geleden
Where are my jams +13
Where are my jams

I just luv how's he's keeping it calm and not bothering himself

Jaar geleden
Tanjiromybeloved +177


2 jaar geleden
Meditational State • Meditative State +115
Meditational State • Meditative State

hahaha brilliant! Finnally someone turned stupid hateful comments into something hilarious. I swear all the people who dislike videos and make bad comments are clones of one person trying to take over the world of giraffes! I mean if you dont like it, either dont like or dislike and / or make a comment??

7 jaar geleden
StylishAlly44 +224

Ignore the haters PewDiePie!

4 jaar geleden