I Found The New Forbidden Minecraft Block.. - - Minecraft Hardcore #23

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HiddenBlackStar +5

When Felix gets so involved in his world he starts inventing plot for it

K +637

nothing will ever beat the insanity that went down when Sven got stuck in a cave under the sea.

28 dagen geleden
Mr.Quilava +2

I like how Pewds is back with Minecraft stories like "Dark Sven Revival Arc" like the previous Minecraft series when people called him insane for making these

NODnuke45 +415

I love how they made caves feel claustrophobic, as Pewdiepie pointed out, because that's what real cave systems are like, especially ones that go really deep.

Limmeh +3

"If Ulla Britta survives, I guess she lives"

Papa Baah +772
Papa Baah

Felix: "I don't have buckets"

Shoto Todoroki +6
Shoto Todoroki

I love how pewds is slowly descending into insanity with every episode.

Patel ansh +1
Patel ansh

Pewds in minecraft is like an anime protagonist that was weak at the beginning but become insanely overpowered.

Trần Bình Minh +684
Trần Bình Minh

The way he treats animals has never been the same since Dark Sven died.

Nika +222

I'm from Slovenia, we have those stalactites in Postojna cave, we call them "kapniki" :) and btw I love how Pewds pronounces Slovenia in the correct way :D

Buzz Oh +606
Buzz Oh

I thought for sure he was gonna sacrifice Donkey as his most priced possession. He set it up so well in the beginning. GLAD YOU'RE OKAY DONKEY!!

N B +24

Pewdiepie's sanity usually starts at around a 7 out of 10 each episode and always ends at a 1 🤣

a +6

still beyond impressed with felix’s world. him building that entire thing on creative would be monumental, but the fact that he did it on hardcore survival is incomprehensible to me

Chris Parkhurst +362
Chris Parkhurst

This series needs it's own Wiki.

Cine World +292
Cine World

Felix : "Wouldn't it be cool if their is flesh eating plants"

TheAdvertisement +3


7 uur geleden
Jesus +371

Did he just immediately found the rarest axolotl?

YT NukesMe +9
YT NukesMe

this series just keeps escalating and going places I never even thought possible.

Books ‘n Coffee +2
Books ‘n Coffee

It makes me SO HAPPY every time Felix rediscovers how much he loves playing Minecraft. I love all of his content, but Minecraft videos are just special for some reason. 🥰

Claire +353

You know, we've actually been watch pewds slowly turn into something more than a villain...ever since