New GTA Definitive Edition is hilariously bad

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    Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is not epic bros
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Tactical Project +9
Tactical Project

We need someone influencial like PewDiePie to call out the garbage that's been going on in the gaming industry lately. Nice!

Tik Tok Hot +1
Tik Tok Hot

The worst part is definitely the fact that people have been modding the 3 original games and updating the graphics all these years and this version made by a big studio looks worse than the original

Guy With Big Brain +3
Guy With Big Brain

Stuff like this should be released on April fool's day.

hunter carey +1
hunter carey

I hate how San Andreas tried to look realistic and then they were like let's change the art style completely and say it looks good

SCP-7247 +1

The true definition of "It's Evolving, Just backwards."

Noman Johan +692
Noman Johan

In CyberPunk's defence, they tried a lot of new things and mechanics and worked overtime to meet deadline but failed. All Rockstar had to do was follow the damn classic and that's it they messed it up. There was no rush, just pure lack of respect and care for the games and the fanbase that made Rockstar Rockstar.

ThisOffendsMeTV +19

It’s literal garbage. Idk how they disrespected us like this.

Yunru +976

"How did this happen"

Rene Villarreal +721
Rene Villarreal

This is a perfect example of the saying "If you want something done right the first time do it yourself." Rockstar should have never outsourced another studio to do the remaster. Not like they're busy making any games right now, just more GTA online shit. They would have done a much better job with the remaster themselves.

ctsphang +153

2021 Is The Year Of "Damn, That Was Disappointing."

iben Dover +475
iben Dover

Remember folks, youtube turned off dislikes to protect predatory companies like these.

Toging +127

PewDiePie: every big game company is bad now

kevinde9ine +2

now Pewds can say his iconic line: "its evolving, just backwards"

Xuruiyu +246

- So, should we make the characters look more human and realistic, like 343 did with the Halo remakes, or should we keep the low-polygon models for the oldschool feel?

F.B.I +375

I love how mafia remake was actually good and rockstar just put texture mod and run the game basically on the mobile version lmao

cnmmd qiuoo +89
cnmmd qiuoo

Love that pewds calls it the definite version and not definitive lmao

jojoplayz +361

To give the definitive edition a LITTLE slack, I do remember cars just showing up in San Andreas😂🗿

Bull Run +40
Bull Run

I remember when GTA 3 was out. One of my friends was like, you know there's a game where you can run around town and hit old women with bat. I was like STFU, that can't be real!! Man those graphics looked so unbelievable to me back than.

Andrew W.C. +1
Andrew W.C.

Three of the best, certainly most influential games of all time. All they needed to do was put a quick coat of wax and polish on them. How? How did this go wrong?

gtaguy +189

2 of the 3 guys: runs into car killing themselves


Now that's a good cop


Now that's a good cop


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Yasak Elma 127. Bölüm


Yasak Elma 127. Bölüm

Yasak Elma

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Are Ghosts Real? (Proof)


Are Ghosts Real? (Proof)


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GTA Definitive Edition Is a Pathetic Mess...


GTA Definitive Edition Is a Pathetic Mess...


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Biomutant - New Game LIVE


Biomutant - New Game LIVE


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Now that's a good cop


Now that's a good cop


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