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    ヅpewdiepie challenges beastmaster64 for an EPIC shootoff
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Anushka S +5
Anushka S

This was honestly the weirdest version of pewdiepie and the best phase of his channel I literally rewatch these videos all the time this era was my favourite

2 jaar geleden
CamiNoLife +2

This is still my favorite video that pewdiepie ever made

Jaar geleden
Capt Raven +788
Capt Raven

Legend has it that beast man 64 is out for his 100M award

Commander Cob +2
Commander Cob

Youtube: sends him a 50M reward

Mics +2

Felix: I've killed dogs

2 jaar geleden
rana wahid +611
rana wahid

Marzia leaves for 5 mins to get groceries

roblox +1

son: dad who's BeastMaster64?

Jaar geleden
Ethan M +575
Ethan M

never have i missed a man so much before. Beast master. Come back im begging you

Jaar geleden
C1defx +711

This was the Pewdiepie's messiest phase but the funniest

Sam Misery +285
Sam Misery

I miss Felix and Brad's shit posting so goddamn much I'm crying

Majesthijmen II +753
Majesthijmen II

I love the 2019 PewDiePie the most, but this was such a weird period. Times were simpler. There was no real content and yet it was the most creative of all.

2 jaar geleden
Perry Pereyra +72
Perry Pereyra


Zyro Lupercal +3
Zyro Lupercal

Giving a gun, even an air gun to pewdz, is on the top 5 worst ideas you can ever have in your life.

5 jaar geleden
AtomCat +847

Felix: * hesitates and questions if it is morally correct to shoot a banana *

2 jaar geleden
Sekrye +1

I like how hes holding a bottle of water while "crying".

Jaar geleden
Jerms +7

i love brad, he's the reason for the great cinematography in this weird phase of poods

Lenny +1

Plot twist :

Jaar geleden
John Anderson +107
John Anderson

This is one of the funniest things I've ever watched

Greennoob +2

How the hell did i forget this masterpiece XD this is gold

3 jaar geleden
Sanjay Sanjay +748
Sanjay Sanjay

If he makes videos like this now then whole internet would be criticizing him

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