I Fell Into The New Minecraft Lush Cave! - Minecraft Hardcore #22

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Danymok +8

It's a miracle, this series might actually continue for a bit :)

Raebiis +2

Its hard to believe he started out on a simple hill, with a little wood house, and a pet bee

samyaa alc +756
samyaa alc

Felix is a true minecrafter rn. Does he need diamonds? No. Does he still mine them? Yes, bc they're diamonds.

bbywluv +126

I love how Felix do exploring, he'll be like kids and wowing everything. That's adorable

Richard Kramár +1
Richard Kramár

"Everyone loves fun here" is probably the most menacing quote of the whole series

J S +90

If anyone else was wondering what mob that is in the thumbnail, it's a mob concept called a Florat that lives in lush caves, floating around with the puffy scruff on its neck. I love it!

Rambo Nei +4
Rambo Nei

I'm pumped for this series to be back

Havok Wreaker +827
Havok Wreaker

The editing for this episode was to top-notch. Loved the poisoned Pewds bit at

Gavin Hagler +292
Gavin Hagler

I really appreciate the jungle cave music from terraria being in the background of the lush caves 👌

Aubrey Stevens +230
Aubrey Stevens

Pewds: has all netherite tools & armor

ᴛᴏᴀsᴛ +413

Pewds, you can't place glowberries on leaves! It can be placed on basically all building blocks, but not decoration blocks, although, I'm pretty sure you can place them up on the glass :)

Abigail Saunders +14
Abigail Saunders

I feel like I’ve missed so much I used to watch this series for hours and now i’m so lost, so glad he’s playing again tho !

Ahmad Helmy +2
Ahmad Helmy

Pewdiepie literally has one of the sickest hardcore bases ever, I'm amazed.

Tekkara +356

I love how obviously pissed off he is near the end. I imagine trying to get out of that cave was annoying af

Sandra40 +210

I have never seen someone being such a pro and also so clueless about Minecraft

Max +48

Pewds is past the point of Minecraft veteran, he is more like a Minecraft 5 Star General

Popmop +26

Can't wait for 1.19 when they add the Deep Dark Cities, Warden, Allay, New Birch Forests, New Swamps, and Frogs. Will be so fun to see Felix have a new frog friend.

Gavin Welch +5
Gavin Welch

This may have been said before but I'd like to say it again; Sive's music choice is so on point and adds so much to these videos 👏

Rafighter +3

The editor did a 11/10 job of putting Terraria's Junngle Theme in the new cave biome

Noah +26

Tbh I want you to start a new hardcore world with the new environments.