Youtube copyright seriously pisses me off.. 📰PEW NEWS 📰

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Last- Dude +17
Last- Dude

PewDiePie, you have to send an email to the distributor (Repost Network and SoundCloud) and inform them that your song was uploaded to their platform without your permission, that the uploader is using content ID to copyright the people who use your song and thus take the royalties from those videos, they won't take more than 2 days and the guy's account will be deleted and hopefully pay a compensation.

Tinker Man Mick +6
Tinker Man Mick

Great to see big creators bringing light to these issues. Thanks Pewds!

MiRaCle +3

Thanks Pewds for speaking for small creators on YouTube. This is also one of the reasons why I quit YouTube a while ago. It's so unfair for the creators. YouTube favors the companies over content creators.


The golden age of YouTube is over

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Mousie +1

I did not know it was this bad. The fact that it's possible to steal creator's own productions like this is outrageous. Thank you for making this video and I hope something will be done about this in the near future

ACG +3

I can verify that your own stuff gettjng claimed can happen. I had to move to twitch because for over 2 years someone was claiming jingles I had made.

Repaid Tiger +7
Repaid Tiger

Imagine getting copyright claimed by someone pretending to be the channel owner. Then the actual channel disputes it and loses

Adam Long +690
Adam Long

Youtube should bring in a fee for companies for every copyright claim they do, if their claim is proved correct, then the fee should be dropped. It would make at least some companies think twice before putting out a claim which has no evidence to back it up

MrSmileyDK +251

You should sue repost networks, it could have a major impact on the issue. A lot of media might also cover it, leading to knowledge of the issue being spread more.

Rocky Quartz EDM +821
Rocky Quartz EDM

He should sue RepostNetwork. That goes beyond YouTube pettiness, that is full-on theft.

Ryan Upchurch +4
Ryan Upchurch

Dude as a musician THANK YOU for this video 🤘🏼


It’s honestly scary that someone’s livelihood can end up being taken away so easily by companies especially for smaller creators like ourselves who’s passion is making videos, really hope youtube will do something about this…

MangoPull +3

youtube copyright sucks so much. one time i got a copyright claim for a 10 second clip on a 7 hour livestream and the company just took all of the ad revenue like bruh what

André Pinto +731
André Pinto

I'm a fan of TotallyNotMark's work, he seems to go through a lot of work to create good content, extensively reading the material he's going to cover and writting in depth reviews that provide really good narative insight. It's great content for revisiting those series that we enjoy, and it's a lot of fun seeing him enjoy those stories, and you can tell in his video how devastated he is about this whole situation.

mystic +135

He should start a series where he takes all these false claimers to court. Good content and satisfying justice.

TwinCoconuts +32

This system ruined my channel

SoloStudios +164

Also worth mentioning that even the 60% of claims that resolve in the creators' favour still do harm to those videos' growth and revenue for those creators

John Robinson RC +56
John Robinson RC

I'm always shocked how long it takes the "owner" to claim. Its like they wait to see if the video takes off and then they know its worth it to claim the money. Its never about the clip / music, it's about the money!

FrankValchiria +10

I'm honestly pissed for the company claiming your song, that is insanity of the greatest type, pure insanity.thx 8thousand

Magical Place +281
Magical Place

The thing is, when they say that 60% of the times, the cases resolve in favor of the creator, it means that all those 60% claims were false claims just to mess with the creators. And the 40% also consists of people who were wrongfully accused and just couldn't fight for their fair use/just decided not to fight it for whatever reasons (just like pewdiepie said about his videos from 2016 and earlier). So the percentage of rightful copyright claims is actually lowered than 40%.


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