Minecraft Part 1

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    abonnees: 111 mln.

    we go back to our minecraft gameplay roots
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CoolCharacter +1

This man went from “how do I make a twig?” to “Fully automatic sorting system, baby!”

Kanga +3

I never realized how insane it was that he started playing this I think he really revived Minecraft by accident

Bread +6

It is Traditional to watch this every year.

kikikikio +438

it's been 2 years already i remember when this came out and it's giving me nostalgic already time flies really fast

Obama The Banana +1
Obama The Banana

Crazy how if this series never existed, we wouldn’t know who dream is and none of his stans would exist.

TheRealSid +111

I think the MC community has PewDiePie to thank for somewhat bringing the game back to a trending status again. For a long time the game wasn't exactly dead but it wasn't really relevant anymore, and once he started uploading videos on MC it started trending like it did many many years before. I love coming back and watching this series or simply listening to it in the background while playing a casual game or something.

Lime_Teacxp +2

I'm currently re-watching this entire series so that I can feel happy again

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ashton urann +2
ashton urann

Felix: doesn't stack his items

Daniel Lin +1
Daniel Lin

I watched this the day it came out, it’s been two years damn.

IHopegood +327

Pewds: I’m a veteran

Max E +1
Max E

2 years and 2 months. I can’t believe how time flies. Watched this back when it came out, finally coming back to rewatch it all again. Wow

Aria +90

The comments are like “It’s tradition to watch this every year” and I do watch this like twice a year when it gets recommended, usually on holidays. Pewdiepie’s channel is like my movie marathon every Christmas.

sasuke’s bussy +50
sasuke’s bussy

> plays this ironically

2 jaar geleden
Thành Nguyễn Minh +506
Thành Nguyễn Minh

he said "historical moment" is the most epic foreshadowing ever

Dylan KC +400
Dylan KC

I miss waking up and watching a new episode

Galland780 +15

I remember watching this series when it first came out. God that felt like it happened yesterday. I am rewatching it again today to relive that Golden memory in my mind.

Louay Hakmaoui +222
Louay Hakmaoui

This feels like it was out yesterday, man time flies...

Clever Anonym +70
Clever Anonym

I never noticed it before but it's honestly surprising that Pewds learned right away to wait for the sword to charge up instead of spam clicking.

OkEmilia +2

I remember waking up everyday for this series.

Ammar +336

its crazy how one man can revive a game.. imagine he never started a lets play