NFT Has hit a new low...

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E DsP +1

The fact that someone stole Qinni's (an artist who passed away) art and tried to sell it as an NFT makes me feel sick to my stomach, just seriously evil and gross

Nevir Surrender +2
Nevir Surrender

Paying artists for a commission of a specific thing you want: "Can we like talk more about the pricing, i still think it's too much..."

Pebbers169 +507

The most infuriating part is that there are digital artists whose artwork gets stolen and turned into an NFT, some filed lawsuits but there are those who actually lost like wtf

Illusion of Quality +1
Illusion of Quality

The stupidest thing about NFT is that people who promote this think that a ton of people want to own that shit.

Gamer stupid +672
Gamer stupid

NFT"S are biggest scam of this time!

28 dagen geleden
Ohomi Gamboa +19
Ohomi Gamboa

When I first heard about NFTs I thought it would be this amazing thing for digital artist getting the appreciation they deserve but boy was I wrong...

C221 +934

Finally an influencer said this, a lot of people thinks that NFTs are serious investments and profitable when it’s not. Big Crypto influencers like Jake Paul, KSI and others are able to take profit because they are able to popularize the NFT, just like how a spoon used by Michael Jackson for example would worth a lot more than a spoon used by a normal guy. It’s a great concept and could be used as a media for artists to sell artwork and collectibles but right now it’s just a cash-grab and a massive scam.

Mislav Kukina +492
Mislav Kukina

We live in a society where a man paid 3k for a jpeg and thought to himself: OMG what a steal!!!

A A +87

It's nice to see that you start considering that your audience has grown up. getting from fun to useful content would be lucrative just about now;D

NakedHyena +472

You could sue the person that made an NFT of you. I don’t think they can legally sell something with your likeness on it without your permission.

ICECappedSkies +31

I’m glad Pewds spoke up about this. It’s a pretty ridiculous situation and I honestly can’t wait to see these people realize that they wasted away their life savings on digital art that can be easily stolen or reproduced. Atleast with commissions you can get the copyright and the art is to your specifications. And with physical art it’s even better since it’s a physical piece of art you can rent out or lend to galleries

28 dagen geleden
nota frogg +1
nota frogg

Before watching video: "what is NFT?"

Emily Arenz +222
Emily Arenz

They're practically shaking Stan Lee's dead body for any loose change. This whole thing is thoroughly fucked.

Lahazzaq +290

I'm so glad someone else shared my thoughts about those ugly ape NFTs. I feel like puking every time I see one. Who looks at these and goes "Wow, art!". Every time I mention how hideous they are I get attacked by the NFT community. I love NFT art that actually looks cool and has effort put into it. I wish it was more about creating good art than just trying to make so much money. Sell your art pieces for the prices they actually deserve.

Kris Clem +78
Kris Clem

Pewds: "not a scam"

Echo Dragon +361
Echo Dragon

Hey pewds

VesGaming115 +43

I genuinely don't like NFTs. For one, they HAVE stolen art from artists, then sold them as NFTs. They have disrespected Stan Lee. And as someone who loves biology and nature its self, they are harmful to the environment from the TONS of energy they require to make. Like, seriously. I hope this dies off.

21 dag geleden
Naud van Dalen +3
Naud van Dalen

The people who made the Stan Lee NFTs should lose access to his account. It's disgusting what they did.

On Chain Gaming +322
On Chain Gaming

Gaming NFTs make way more sense than JPEG NFTs


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