Addressing the haters - LWIAY

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JimmyTheGiant +4

As an OG subscriber, I've never watched you as much as the last year or so. You have a great style on camera and it's so easily enjoyable to watch.

Delicious Man X +1
Delicious Man X

Pewds with a camera in a room talking shit is exactly the reason I've stayed subscribed all these years. I love it.

Alexis Murphy +1
Alexis Murphy

It's crazy too because despite the negativity in the community, Felix has managed to retire at 30. He is pretty much set for life now. He could disappear and still be living the dream. Now he's giving us content with what he finds enjoyable and gives us variety too

Kiana Desmond +200
Kiana Desmond

Tbh I have stuck with Felix for the last 10 years BECAUSE he’s changed. His videos have continually evolved and his variation of videos allows us to see more of his personality. It makes it feel like talking to a friend. People just love complaining and putting him into a box because they put themselves into a box.

Sara S. +656
Sara S.

My son grew up with you, pewds! He’s been watching you since middle school and he’s 23 now. You’re the best influence on him! He donated his birthday money to charity: water because of you, and you’ve really taught him to think critically when it comes to discerning the truth in the media. He introduced my nieces to you and they are all fantastic kids! Thank you.

Kristen J +823
Kristen J

I don't know if this is going to make sense to the majority of the population, but.... I mainly watch youtubers for their personalities. Their content can be whatever, but I'll still enjoy watching them because they're people like me and they're fun to spend time with.

Back Guy +30
Back Guy

Felix, your community is wholesome, your content is entertaining, you donate to charities, remain humble and do what you like. If anyone points hate in your direction it's because they're insecure and seeking validation from others because they can't get it from themselves. Keep doing your thing king.

Abigael White +245
Abigael White

His assessment of how people complain because his videos have changed from what they fell in love with when they first watched his videos is 100% accurate. I feel like he described the emotions I feel about movies and shows when I’ve read the book first

Veol Rodrigues +625
Veol Rodrigues

This video is the explaination of why he's the best....

Meaty Whack +35
Meaty Whack

I really love how much I've grown with Felix. Every time I started to get bored with the channel he's evolved in a way that captured me back again, and I've been subbed since the first funny comp. I don't get how people are heated that he's changed. If his content didn't change I don't think it would be as enjoyable as it is now and I don't think Felix would be as happy.

Augustin LE BAYON +200
Augustin LE BAYON

Pewds: " You can do what ever you wanna do just by doing it. "

abbyCat dalton +22
abbyCat dalton

Honestly, I'm just glad pewds still makes videos. He's been part of my routine for like 7 years. I'll literally watch whatever type of content he makes, he's entertaining 🤷‍♀️

SonicHaXD +5

Always love seeing Felix and Pewdiepie collab XD

Narusayshi +19

Honestly, I think youre doing the best youve done in years! Im here for you and your personality. The content you do is your choice, I personally have loved how laid back and random your videos have become. Been watching you for about a decade now and I really do think youre better now than you ever were. Its been nice watching you grow and also grow along side you, too, especially being the same age. So enjoy making whatever you choose to make, you do have tons of fans that appreciate you as you have come to be!

Serina Mutou +48
Serina Mutou

I had friends who stopped watching Pewds when he started to do less play throughs. But I will always keep watching no matter what. I enjoy watching all the videos Pewds makes and growing up with him as he changes the types of videos he does. I enjoy seeing how he looks like he enjoys the videos he makes and that's what should matter in the end.

TrippyOnGames +21

I've had friends and family try to put me in the "box" as if i wasn't supposed to change. It kept me from growing as a person and caused stress induced acute schizophrenia. It was terrible and i dont wish that pain on anyone. Keep doing you Felix, been watching since 2012 and don't plan on stopping any time soon.

Shyakinah +23

Haters are the ones who need to grow up. You’re doing great, Felix! Keep making videos that you wanna make and we’ll support you all the way ❤️

TrulyTree +13

I enjoy Felix's content been here for awhile and it's just like hanging with a mate. You joke around, some serious times, and just have chill relaxed convo. All you can do is be the best you, people are going to judge no matter what, so why not put out things you enjoy.

Calligraphy Masters +2
Calligraphy Masters

I keep watching every day, every month, every year! The other 108 mil should too

Nayussy succer +15
Nayussy succer

I first watched Felix in 2014 when I was like 12-13 years old. I stopped watching around 2015 because he started doing less gaming and diverting his content. I came back months later after that and his humor then charmed me back. Since then, I've been sticking with his channel and I'm so proud of how far he has come. Wish I could at least shake his hand once in this lifetime.


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