He's 12? ZAMN! *MEME REVIEW 👏 👏#91

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0 dislikes. This video is doing amazingly. Glad 100% of the population agrees with pewdiepie.

Beerbong +9

This guy has 0 dislikes. Truly the best youtuber in all of existence.

Hey hey ningen SUCKER ah ningen ningen FUCKER +7
Hey hey ningen SUCKER ah ningen ningen FUCKER

Felix reading Portuguese: SPANISH!

thisiswhywearehot +526

Pewds seeing a Brazilian meme, saying it's in Spanish and reading it with an Italian accent really punched my Portuguese self in the face ahah

Pyro Ultimate Hunter +1
Pyro Ultimate Hunter

Felix, a swedish man who speaks english, reading a Brazilian comic in portuguese, calling it spanish and pronouncing it with an italian accent:

felipemp93 +1

Pewds sees "Brazilian cartoonist". Pewds says "It's a spanish origin!"

Pedro Vieira +18
Pedro Vieira

Pewds :

Juli wonka +1
Juli wonka

i love how pewds doesn’t need to work another day in his LIFE yet he keeps doing these videos for fun and for us

Jay_floats +3

Hes never going to know how much this means to me haha but that is okay :) for anyone interested the "wiggling" is called stimming and its a self stimulatory regulating behaviour used to cope with overwhelming emotions.

Gringo +68

Felix calling portugese spanish then making an italian accent is concerning

Nart Wumar +2
Nart Wumar

Knowing Zyzz is an honor few people have.

Symora +136


Debo Gaming +1
Debo Gaming

Never stop making videos! You bring so much joy to so many people with every upload Felix. Keep up the good work

Vellen +1

Zyzz isn't dead, he ascend to become the god of aesthetic

Deivid Vieira +788
Deivid Vieira

“Escolha o lado feliz da vida”

Ohhhsnapdamn +8


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Mld Rdi +635
Mld Rdi

RIP to Zyzz, such a legend, we'll never forget you Brah...

TheSteamBreaker +5

The confused and kinda asking "Zamn" after he realised that she is 13 made me die at least twice

EnNombreDeLaCiencia ! +2
EnNombreDeLaCiencia !

In pewds mind Spanish sounds like Italian.

carol vieira +220
carol vieira

Pewdiepie, you just triggered your entire brazilian audience in the first meme review