Reacting To The Worst Plastic Surgeries

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Deaven Swainey +21
Deaven Swainey

So, that last one is really sad, and I wish they'd listened closer to the video. She actually did that to herself BECAUSE doctors refused to give her more surgery. She started injecting cooking oils into her face at home. The doctors actually had her best interests at heart. Her name is Hang Mioku.

Katherine +3

It's alarming seeing people turning into monsters when all they needed was some psychological support.

minutes ago +5
minutes ago

I read about this girl who was convinced her nose was too big, when it wasn't. She was obsessing to the point she had some kind of dysmorphia, and begging for an unneeded surgery. So doctors finally decided to put her under, and made a little nick in the skin on the bridge of her nose, put bandages on, and told her to go home and let it heal. Upon her follow up, she explained how happy she was that her nose looked so much better. In reality, nothing was done to change her nose at all. She had imaged the entire thing, including that it was looking better

Sucha Looser +4
Sucha Looser

"doctors abusing mentally ill patients", I am SO GLAD that someone with a platform finally said it

Vidalion +3

“Why did the doctors go that far?” For the Korean woman, the doctors DID stop - but she home injected herself with cooking oil when cut off from the silicone, and that (reaction to cooking oil) was what led to the huge swelling - doctors did not do that, and donated their time repeatedly to try and fix the cooking oil damage.

Snow axe +2
Snow axe

Ken is always a big welcome, he's like that one fun uncle.

Verygud Werker +203
Verygud Werker

You can tell that lady would have still looked beautiful even if she was aging naturally, you could just tell. It's crazy when people get so crazy that they can't see they're already beautiful but in pursuit of beauty make themselves ugly.

Jere +2

Definitely agree on Felix' philosophy. I could have done weightloss surgery when i weighed 140kg. But i got my act together after some ups and downs, and worked myself down to currently weighing 78kg and looking pretty fit. If i would have gotten the surgery, i wouldn't have earned that weightloss. I wouldnt be super proud of myself, and nowhere near as confident in my ability to get through stuff even when it gets hard.

Paraxanthine +1

I’m really glad Edgar is protected with next-level encryption

gorkamorka999 +2

Edgar's existential crisis during the Ad read was adorable.

Serena Clemons +104
Serena Clemons

I am feeling a bit of tension in the air lol. Love that Felix is always so sure of his opinions and that Ken plays devil advocate.


Pewds:"Any kind of shortcut kinda misses the whole point, it's not just about looking good but it's more about the journey you take for it. "

Leaftie +80

For those replicating dolls...I feel like they forget that dolls intend to replicate people...and that's especially apparent as we see a fight towards more diverse dolls, because kids are supposed to feel represented, not confined by them.

Sandra Östby +549
Sandra Östby

Pixie Fox actually moved back to Sweden after she went in to a coma and almost died after a surgery in Turkey. Now she’s working at a horse stable in Sweden with her friends and family and is in the process of getting all of her implants removed.

Esteban A +563
Esteban A

You can lose weight by surgery, but when you work out, the feeling is just different. It makes you feel better physically and mentally, the sensation of satisfaction when you start noticing the results of all your effort is one of the best feelings ever.

Olivia rose +58
Olivia rose

I love how Felix always brings good mood to YouTube like he’s a pallet cleanser

HV Hyche +475
HV Hyche

Not gonna lie, I was looking into getting facial fillers and I noticed that NONE of the doctors had fillers or any kind of facial surgery. That was a massive red flag for me.


watching this video made me feel sick to my skin. idk how to explain the feeling, but I just feel a sense of disgust and my body shivering whenever i think about these plastic surgeries

21 dag geleden
Kierra Leonard +9
Kierra Leonard

I think Ken actually brought up a really good point about encouraging people who want extensive plastic surgery to seek help from a psychiatrist first

Mono Kuro +229
Mono Kuro

Doctors should have the obligation to recommend or ask their patients to get a psychiatrist first before doing anything to their body as Ken brings up this good point.