New Minecraft Update! - Minecraft Hardcore #21

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Mortebianca +15

You killed Sven, just like you killed Water Sheep.

Rosamolnxツ +4

Felix: accidentally hits dark sven

Angelic Asysnila +1
Angelic Asysnila

If you look closely at dark sven's face in his last moment, you'll realise that he didn't wanted pewds to shoot the Creeper so he took the bullet instead. A true hero.

Juan +797

Pewdiepie: "You're the worst sven in the multiverse"

Satou Kazuma +3
Satou Kazuma

This episode's summary:

RoojieeYT +208

"no matter how many hours you have in minecraft you still get hyped for diamonds"

Loic Reviews +24
Loic Reviews

It wouldn't have been a classic Pewdiepie Minecraft video if he didn't killed one of his pets...

Entity +116


Pijjj +8

OG Sven: Literally survives in every possible cataclysm

Isaac Foster +162
Isaac Foster

A normal day in Minecraft where Felix slowly loses his mind.

Chilled Bacon +949
Chilled Bacon

Little does he realize the new biomes dont spawn in pre-loaded chunks.

Master G +144
Master G

"Its so laggy here"

King Wang +10
King Wang

"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it"

Apple +494

Felix: Accidentally hits Sven with sword

TheLostArceus +482

"it's been a while since I've looked at the world" - Me too, Pewds. Me too.

愛mutter +70

Pewds on old Minecraft series: "i Will protect sven with my life"

RogueScape +308

I've never seen someone go through all the stages of grief that quickly

Bash +27

I love how, right before any pet dies, pewds insults/bullys them the whole time

Infamous Swoosh +12
Infamous Swoosh

his world is actually extremely impressive

ELzY +496

Today we come together to honor and say goodbye to Dark Sven. He was a meh dog even a decent one some would argue. He was honestly pretty useless other than helping kill mobs which he also wasn’t good at. But, he was like father to pewds. Shall the lord’s face shine upon you and be gracious to you.