Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach Gameplay Markiplier Reaction 4k 8k HD Trailer Secret Full

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Core +11

OMG I'M STUNNED! The Glamrock Freddy on the Thumbnail was created by my art team before the game and now is here! I feel honored and glad by this! I follow pewds since the era of Amnesia, Ju-On, Ao Oni... I'm proud of my team and to me this is wonderful to see this image is everywhere now. Thanks pewds! You are amazing! Cheers!

unfavorable +2

mark while playing this: depression

21 dag geleden
LennyFelly +1

The scariest part of this game is how big the file size is

Funny Bunny +2
Funny Bunny

I never thoughts I’d live to see the day where PewDiePie controls Markiplier in a FNAF video game

28 dagen geleden
Jello Squid +8
Jello Squid

I fr thought he was just gonna react to Marks play through of Security Breach lmao

28 dagen geleden
Lightning Flame +1
Lightning Flame

I just love how EVERYONE gets different glitches in the game XD

28 dagen geleden
Coffeezilla +23

You had me at “ Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach Gameplay Markiplier Reaction 4k 8k HD Trailer Secret Full”

MinSugaGenius +1

Well Felix ain't wrong. Mark has the perfect voice for Freddy

jpjordxn11 +2

Felix has played so many horror games that nothing is scary to him anymore 😂 Mark is about to hit that point too, while Sean still gets scared at every jumpscare 💀

HRH Awesome +54
HRH Awesome

Jacksepticeye when sees freddy: Dad!!

Dag geleden
Ashley +1

I love that Mattpat spent SOO long looking for the battery upgrade and eventually just gave up, meanwhile it's one of the first things Felix finds in the daycare lmaoo.

ChromaCaipira +981

I love how Pewds makes fun about furries when seeing Roxanne but when he gets to Chica it's like "YEAA!! ITS MY GIRL CHICA!"

28 dagen geleden
Isoya Yasuji +24
Isoya Yasuji

Probably the most convincing title I’ve ever seen

The Music Decomposer +5
The Music Decomposer

Pewds playing every other FNaF game:

28 dagen geleden
Cyynapse +446

i love how everyone who loved the old games is disappointed by the new one and everyone who was disappointed by the old games loves the new one

28 dagen geleden
SuperiorSpud +158

I love that fact that he has been so desensitized to horror.

28 dagen geleden
Funny Bunny +315
Funny Bunny

I genuinely thought Mark voiced Freddy it sounds so much like him

28 dagen geleden
Tahmed +731

"I wanna spread her cheekas"

28 dagen geleden
Siriusly +7

Mark: check

Rose Wilson +86
Rose Wilson

I haven't watched you in a while, Pewds. The kid that watched your heavy rain vids to destress from her GCSEs is all grown up and busy having a tough adult time from the holidays. It really felt like the old times when you started singing the save station song.

28 dagen geleden