THIS... Is How You're Supposed To Eat A Pizza..

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Mariyam Ibrahim +10
Mariyam Ibrahim

I love how pewds casually blames a whole country whenever he accidentally picks up sugar instead of Flour.

Ellen Carvalho +1
Ellen Carvalho

Marzia definitely loves Felix, because for an Italian to watch him eat a pizza like that and not stab him is a true act of love.

Reagan Guillory +1
Reagan Guillory

I'm shocked at how great his form is when he starts punching the dough

Beth +477

I love how Marzia’s cooking videos were all calm and Felix’s are just pure chaos.

Leann 426 +4
Leann 426

Felix breathing so heavy just from kneading pizza dough is hilarious.

Diana C +921
Diana C

Genuinely feel like Felix and Julien cooking together would be a beautiful disaster. 🍕👨🏼‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳🍕

Rolf +4

It's so cute how he looks at Marzia for approval whenever he does something questionable or silly

Aria Shark +934
Aria Shark

the best thing about this? Felix wanting to make Marzia a heart shaped pizza

SuperSolomob422 +1

Felix: A pinch of sugar because you need that secret Italian sweetness

Kami Kagetsuki +196
Kami Kagetsuki

Seeing Felix growing mature and getting more philosophical is really nice to see, but that he still managed to keep his inner child alive and still be this funny goofy makes me even more happy.

AstarothTheInquisitor +222

as an italian "pizzaiolo" I'd say that it's ok, because I can see that he tried.

Hyrule Gamer +13
Hyrule Gamer

this was entertaining to watch. very much enjoy!

28 dagen geleden
MjauDuuude +4

We need another video where Marzia makes pizza properly

aztecducky +266

"How small can a bowl be until it is no longer a bowl, but a cup?"

Draco Marx +641
Draco Marx

Felix: "It's not foamy, what does that mean?"

Apple Juice +368
Apple Juice

"I've never seen you so unsatisfied", Felix got game

Hunter O +222
Hunter O


Yay Manda +234
Yay Manda

As someone who makes pizzas all day, every day: "I hope he put a lot of sauce on the pizzas, because the spots where the cheese does not cover are gonna burn and are gonna be super dry."

Vinn Rush +3
Vinn Rush

as an italian this burns my soul slowly,marzia is such a great wife to have that level of patience

ohrirymeow +56

I haven't watched pewds in a while and now that I see this, his muscles are very much bigger. Nice job on the working out!


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