Gary Vee is a Wee Bit Cringe

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He feels like Michael Scott from the office when he's trying to look knowledgeable.

CC Patrick Llorin +1
CC Patrick Llorin

Gary Vee is like when you didn’t read the book and then had to do a report in front of the class.

Daily Sciences +2
Daily Sciences

“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit” - he‘s living that quote 🧐

Jesus Christ +1
Jesus Christ

Gary is the type of guy that'll say you're completely wrong and then proceed to repeat everything you've said with synonyms and act like it's his idea

Chartreuse Circle +1
Chartreuse Circle

I’m so glad that Gary is finally being taken to task for his BS by multiple big YouTubers. I have railed against this guy for years and as a former employee I can’t tell you how toxic and dysfunctional his company is. The culture is an oil/water mix of burnt out, cynical people who see this charlatan for what he is… and mindless sheep cult followers who hang on every word he says.

Connor McCreary +462
Connor McCreary

If he doesnt have the time to throw out his gum, he probably doesn’t have the time to wipe after pooping…

EnNombreDeLaCiencia ! +10
EnNombreDeLaCiencia !

This guy philosophy:

Jacksauce +447

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I’m glad that Felix is calling people like this out. It’s exactly as he said. You can’t sell the formula because everyone who’s successful did it in a different way.

ghosti +666

"Turn Netflix off" has the same energy as the fitness trainer dude who overheard 16 yo me talking about my gaming hobby to my own trainer and felt the need to yell at me about how it's a waste of time and will make me fat and just isn't healthy.

Kristian Wynn +195
Kristian Wynn

"there's no better advice than... advice from a-a rich guy... right?"

Zaidi Zainal +584
Zaidi Zainal

The conclusion is, he just says common things that people already know but different kind of pitch and delivery.

Alexandria +128

I'm a periodic viewer, so forgive me if I'm "way behind" or whatever, but I absolutely love this duo!! You two have great chemistry and the videos I've watched with you both are really enjoyable and funny to watch.

f +5

Gary Vee is the most sane and insane individual in existence

Chloe Patterson +565
Chloe Patterson

Ken: the advice he was giving wasn't completely horrible, not to get caught up in the system

KatsukiKaito +519

This guy’s advice is the equivalent of: “If you get shot, dont go the doctors. Your body has healing abilities. Going there is just a waste of time and money”

partly cloudy +124
partly cloudy

Girl: less than 8 years I’ll come shake your hand

Anna Augustinová +156
Anna Augustinová

The: „Just work for ten years, don't buy anything or have fun, and you'll become rich.“ is toxic and wrong on so many levels.


Finally someone actually talked about how cringe this guy is. I kept getting youtube recommendation about how this guy is such a "savage" motivational speaker and I just find him screams "how do you do fella kids" vibe. I don't know how there's quite a lot of people actually looked up to him.

Mason Quaintance +3
Mason Quaintance

Gary Vee is the master of talking without actually saying anything.

Spitfiren +86

Guy popped off a few years back, his advice is 99% dogshit. He also mentioned how he had a 'standard' job right out of college for like 60-70k$ a year, which is really easily achievable by everyone.... His job was for his dad. He's quite clueless and disconnected from reality. In a talk with Simon Senek he mentioned he doesn't read books and he thinks they are a waste of time - lmao. Ironically he published a book. This guy is almost as good of a bullshitter as Trump is.

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