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Having to watch an ad before gas or toilet paper is outta pocket

Bruno Souza +3
Bruno Souza

"I actually won a billion billion dollars yesterday, thanks pewdiepie!"

Oc Airsoft +2
Oc Airsoft

No surprise to see chipotle charging more for delivery. Chick fil a does the same and so does all the delivery application services

Minute Movies +475
Minute Movies

Lol that packaging is real life clickbait

mynuttyme +1

I like this man more and more over the years. He's just a casual youtuber who I can relate to and relax while laughing with him.

AlexShx +636

As an Italian citizen I am struggling to believe these scams even exist. I'm not saying that Italian food is immune from misleading packages or chips bags full of gas, but man I'm glad we have strict quality control laws here!

moji bien +3
moji bien

The “hello I’m paper bottle” is me saying I love multitasking on my resume

Kim Cayton +600
Kim Cayton

I love how he's married to an Italian and doesn't know that ravioli is the plural.

Saif Ahmed Shejan +448
Saif Ahmed Shejan

Even though he is rich,his anger against these little things makes him so relatable.

Dior Zaverdino +170
Dior Zaverdino

The way I see it, when a company irritates customers with their ads, the customer will end up disliking the company more than before they saw ad. So the ad rather has a negative impact on the company

Gabriella +333

I've been genuinely wondering this a lot too lately. advertisements are literally plastered everywhere in our world; online, in real life and probably even in our homes in subtle ways. it's so crazy how much this stuff is shoved down our throats and how we probably won't be able to escape adverts no matter in the world we may end up. crazy

MarkToast +80

That Proactiv one is not what people think it is. The reason the box is that big while the contents are that small is because the boxes are standardized. It would cost the company more money to set up an entire production line for a new type of box, when they could just use the same boxes they're already making. And that's what they choose to do. There's nothing malicious about it, they probably state the fluid content on the box anyway.

Atten +4

Fun fact:

ssother +124

I remember watching a Futurama episode where in the future, companies are able to influence dreams and make them into advertisements. And while I was watching I was laughing, but I also came to to realization that if companies could change your dreams into advertisements to sell their products, they would.

spero +446

something about the way felix says "you *could*" after saying "you could win a billion dollars" makes me laugh

Leann 426 +90
Leann 426

I do agree with the Starbucks chairs to an extent and then I think about the possibility of people not having wifi at home, or lost power and need somewhere to work for the day.

Daniel Orta +590
Daniel Orta

“They’re worse than youtubers”

Zu Bu +56
Zu Bu

The biggest deceptive sales art is probably the solar-powered clothes dryer

Atomic Legend +7
Atomic Legend

I love his attitude after every time he comes after a small break

Kane Huff +202
Kane Huff

The solution to something like the toilet paper dispenser is to smash it into a thousand pieces and see how long it takes for them to rethink their greed.


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