Ive considered steroids - Jubilee React #22

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MJake +4

Take it from Felix, he's missing his both lags and he seams to be perfectly healthy!

Burton Guster +1
Burton Guster

Pewds: "this probably would be the body i would strive for"

beatrice +2

As someone who's chronically ill, i completely agree with the last point felix made as in "what if someone takes that shape away from you" and "dont trap yourself in your body" because it does really feel that way. It helps me to emphazise on my mind, educate myself about things i find interesting and working with that rather than a body, because your mind and your imagination feel limitless and it gives me hope

Evie +577

Felix: "The Greeks discovered the perfect body type."

Zélie Ranquet +677
Zélie Ranquet

The problem with a lot of their answers is that people hear "overweight" or "fat" and immediately think about morbidly obese people

Bailey Stuart +341
Bailey Stuart

I really respect his answer about being proud of being fat. I am overweight and often consider myself fat, but I struggle with an ED. I am not proud of being fat, however I am learning to be confident in the body I have in hopes of recovering. Having confidence in your appearance doesn’t mean you should be prideful of having an unhealthy lifestyle. I completely agree with what he said.

UltraMarine +8

I totally agree with Felix on that you shouldn't be proud of being fat, but you shouldn't be ashamed either. It is what it is and that's okay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it's called body neutrality (as opposed to body positivity) and I think more people should look into it

Daniel Weston +243
Daniel Weston

I really enjoy these videos where Felix expresses his opinion a lot, not as in imposing his opinion on us viewers but as his own point of view. Me likes.

Krondelo +394

At the end, really well said Felix. These people develop a toxic relationship without realizing it. If they were suddenly unable to workout for whatever reason they wouldn't cope well.

mister brudda +150
mister brudda

I've been in a relationship with a body builder and things like roid rage, irational thinking, balding, testicles shrinking, even breast tissue growth are very very real. The thing is the person completely changed into somebody else over time(mentally the most) especially after they started using Tren for a few months. I don't really understand why people try to deny these things so hard, just be upfront that it does have it's own symptoms and drawbacks, some have severe some have mild ones, but they're there, especially after a longer use and prolonged cycles. If you're open about taking steriods don't be ashamed to tell what all they can do, and in a lot of cases DO do that . People are not dumb to not notice them especially if they know the person.

Natasha Norris +242
Natasha Norris

As an overweight woman, I'm not PROUD of being overweight, but I don't feel shame about it either. I'm learning to be comfortable in my own skin. It's difficult for me to be as active as I need to be because I have quite a few medical conditions, but I've taken steps to ease some symptoms to try and make myself a healthier weight for me. I think it's important to remember that at the end of the day, it's your body and you have to live in it, so as long as you're comfortable and happy with yourself then that's all the better

SwimmingInHoney +376

"Imagine if you were just perfectly content with everything: how boring life would be" - I don't think this should apply to bodybuilding, though. It's usually unhealthy and accompanied by steroids and disordered eating and body dysmorphia. When I was underweight and anorexic, I was never content with my body either but that doesn't mean I was doing a great, motivational thing.

TrueUnderDawgGaming +1

It did break my heart a bit to learn that (nearly) every fitness channel I followed was on anabolic steroids

Char Char +148
Char Char

One of the hardest things is to exercise when you're feeling down, it's like a battle of mind vs body. Respect that you can do it honestly.

Joyner_46 +351

I hate these because everyone is trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings and not saying how they really feel about the question. The whole point of this is to answer how YOU feel and have a discussion on why you feel that way.

tongs +54

honestly, they can do whatever they want as long as they're aware of the consequences instead of being in denial/ignorant of being super fat/taking steroids

Gnome +83

Anyone else noticed that Felix looks younger and healthier recently than he did about a year or two ago? He seemed to be going through something and was stressed a lot a while ago, but he looks really good here

CJ +119

There is a standard of far where a lot of women are shamed for having a healthy weight. I don’t think anyone should be shamed if they are slightly overweight. There’s a lot of different factors leading into obesity and a lot of that is bmi being a bad standard. We should change to percentage body fat concept bc it allows people to better track their body composition.

Surefire Project +4
Surefire Project

"This is what I would strive for; this kind of body-shape." - Felix, looking at a statue that is missing a forearm

Cami Parsons +18
Cami Parsons

I love hearing his opinions and thoughts, especially after working on himself so much. Very in tune with reality and level headed, love this and him 🙂