I hate mukbang

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Yogurt +58

If Felix ever records a mukbang we know we’ve lost him

Humanity +19

Mukbang was originally a way for people to not feel alone when eating. People would stream themselves eating (eating normally) and then chat with their audience, sometimes they would cook on camera too. Then when it became viral, it turned into this monstrosity.

Mirth +8

The internet is an apocalypse of media now, safe shelters are channels like Felix's. ^ ^'

Henry Bui +946
Henry Bui

I agree with him. Mukbang is a waste of time, food and lives.

21 dag geleden
Justin Illick +6
Justin Illick

The thing I miss most about the dislike button is being able to quickly see if a video was worth watching at a glance.

C A R L O S +444

The fact that the girl started crying when the octopus attacked her after trying to eat it ALIVE is insane like what the fuck do you think they feel when you are eating them as someone else in the comments said one leg at a time he fought in self-defence and this girl just fucking tried eating him alive for no reason

14 dagen geleden

That octopus fought until the end of his life. Respect for that warrior of an octopus

Elizabeth +1

Octopi are actually extremely intelligent creatures.... this makes what she was doing even worse.

Naomi Pands +2
Naomi Pands

Thank you so much for drawing attention to this. That girl with the giant fish (

KyuubiMisao +323

what's worse about mukbangs is a lot of the asian girls (and probably guys) who do it, secretly throw up their food afterwards lol.

21 dag geleden
sukiiluvsyou +2

"some animals are being mistreated in front of millions of people" vegan teacher : THAT'S A CHECKPOINT FOR YOU WELL DONE YOU ARE VEGAN

shooky or nah +145
shooky or nah

It's the way people have turned mukbangs into "food challenges" and outrageous content. That's not what a mukbang is supposed to be :(

21 dag geleden
C Stratus +15
C Stratus

“She eats it like it’s Chinese propaganda” this is why I love this channel

Shreyasi Roy +2
Shreyasi Roy


Vyahvviande +2

As someone who struggles to buy food for everyday i hate mukbangs

シRyder +146

Well done to that octopus, he tried his very best. May he Rest In Peace.

28 dagen geleden
freymay +1

Can we just not eat creatures while they're still alive? It's super nasty. 😬

Salsa +67

No matter how good looking the youtuber is, or how nice the setup is, how tasty the food looks...

14 dagen geleden
Rida Hasan +7
Rida Hasan

Pewds is like the eldest child of YouTube.. Has accomplished so much but all the restrictions, rules and censoring is for him while other younglings run wild 🙂

RoriKon +835

I remember when mukbangs were a way for streamers/creators to chill with listeners while eating and or cooking. But ever since it went viral it just went on a downward spiral. Now we have people stuffing their faces with a mountain of food.